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News Archive 2

Partnermeeting in Oudenaarde, Belgium (30-01-2022)


The project Future skills for a better life in Sustainable Salons (Sustainable Salon) had its 2nd offline meeting in Oudenaarde, Belgium. In this Erasmus+ project, we have gather facts through an inventory of the hairdresser's future competences in, the situation in a sustainable salon and focus on environmental aspects (core of a simple standard). In the meeting on 27th and 28th of January 2022, we discussed the concept report on the future developments and competences. In the next month the report will be published on the website. We also continued on working on the sustainable standard. And we have made the first preparations on developing a self-assessment tools to map the current situation on the gap of the level towards the sustainability system on environment and sustainability in schools (salon) and on learning material focussed on the environment in a sustainable salon and awareness material on sustainability. The project works with student participation along the project. Using the competences of the different partners, their network, the experts, entrepreneurs in the sector and the teachers and students in the conferences and at home in the schools we combine knowledge and perseverance to finalize the task in a good way. 


Happy New Year (01-01-2022)

Partnermeeting in Oudenaarde (05-12-2021)

The next partner meeting will take place on January 27 and 28. This is subject to the proviso that COVID-19 does not become a bummer. During this meeting, the discussion of the draft report on the entrepreneurial and hairdressing competencies for the future will be central. In the various partner countries and at EU level, Febelhair, together with the other partners, has mapped out the developments with regard to technology, sustainability and entrepreneurship.
In addition, time will be devoted to discussing progress in developing the salon's environmental system. The impetus will also be given for O3 and O4 respectively the development of a scan and learning material.


Development of the environmental system on track (15-11-2021)

Due to COVID-19 and organizational problems (partner change)  we experienced some delay in the development of the standard. In the partner meeting in Milan we discussed the various work processes in the hair salon from an environmental perspective. Our partner Universidad from Spain has started mapping the legal aspects at European level that apply to the salon. In The Netherlands, we further mapped out all aspects and tested these aspects and the legislation in the practice of the hair salon. Fortunately, a teacher from ROC Amsterdam (the other Dutch partner) also owns a hair salon.
In this way we have gathered sufficient information to prepare for the upcoming partner meeting in Oudenaarde. 


Projectmeeting Pavia a success! (01-10-2021)


The project “Future skills for a better life in Sustainable Salons (Sustainable salon)” Has organized her first offline meeting in Milan, Italy due to COVID-19.

During this three days meeting we discussed the inventory in the partner countries and the first ideas on a certification system on environment in the sustainable salon.

This project has as central aim to create educational products and will include:

• workshops on sustainability and innovation, teaching materials for schools and extracurricular education about sustainability in the 'sustainable' hair salon;

• development of a profile of a hairdresser and its competences (sustainability, technology, entrepreneurship) in 2030;

• a simplified low threshold system to label sustainability/environment for schools (salon); • a self-assessment internet tool on competence level and measuring the gap on profiles and future competences and the gap of the level towards the sustainability system;

• specific learning material on sustainability/environment focussed on the sector and

• awareness tools to use in VET and salons to use in communication with employees and clients on the subjects.

The developed outcomes can be applied for the project target groups: VET-institutes, SMEs, sector organizations and others in the Hair & Beauty sector. More information you can find on this site  or contact your local partner.

Conference in Pavia will will continue as a live event (10-09-2021)

CIOFFS announced they will be hosting the Sustainable Salon conference  as an in-person event. This will be the first time the project-partners will meet each other live in-person. The conference will be organized during three day to because due to COVID-19 only online meetings could be organized, The extra time is used to get acquainted, exchange information and network between the partner organizations. During the partner conference the following topics will be discussed:

  • Introduction partners

  • Scope of the project

  • Status of the inventory (research) on developments and the jobprofiles of a hairdresser and an entrepreneur in 2030

  • Status of the environmental certification system​

  • Dissemination and Impact

  • Administration

  • Tasks in the coming period.


Online Work Conference to  prepare first live project meetings (09-06-2021)


On the 8th of June we organized another online meeting due to the Corona-crisis. Participants of five organizations participated to prepare the first live  Conference meeting planned on the  7th. 8th and 9th of Oktober in Italy. The Italy-meeting was sheduled in the beginning of July. Due to COVID 19 we are not allowed to travel. The online meeting was held to discuss progress on research, the job profile of a hairdresser and entrepreneur in 2030 and the sustainable standard. Also we discussed the dissimination/creating impact and the preparation of student activities.



Project Meeting in Pavia is planned. (08-06-2021)


On the 7th, 8th and 9th of October the second partner meeting will be organized in Pavia Italy. The host will be IOFS-FP Lombardia, a VET institute, present on Italian regional territory of Lombardy with six accredited local institutes for vocational training and employment services. Pavia is located in the Po Valley, 25 kilometers south of Milan. The Ticino River flows through the town for several kilometers before it flows into the Po. The city has 71,000 inhabitants. 

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