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Output and Download


In this project in the Hair & Beauty sector we will developed output and learning materials in four languages:


  • inventory of the hairdresser's competencies in 2030

  • two diagnostic self-assessment tools to map the current situation on:

              1.  competence level and measuring the gap on profile and future competences and

              2. the gap of the level towards the sustainability system on environment and sustainability

                   in schools (salon)

  • learning material on environment in a sustainable salon and awareness material on sustainability

  • two multiplier events are planned to share results and to generate commitment and remarks from our stakeholders

  • final conference.

All the output can be used in VET-institutes and for in-company training in SME-companies in the Hair & Beauty sector.

All the learning material includes:

  • student material

  • teachers' guide with practical information.

  • ​toolkit

The learning material on sustainability in the Green Salon also will have:

  • powerpoint presentations

  • student workbook

  • assignments.

More information

If you want information on the output and the learning material, you can contact the contact person in your country. Contact Stivako to get information on the English version.

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