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Student activities

In this project there are several different activities & assignments. During the conferences in Spain, The Netherlands and Italy students from the 4 participating schools will participate. Activities will be perform on:

  • Pretesting the developed learning materials and the self-assessment tools.

  • Developing the content of a PDF magazine about sustainability  in the Hair & Beauty sector. The design will be done by participants from Italy. The dedicated magazine will be presented at the last conference and multiplier event.

  • Activities related to sustainability and environment.


Also students in the schools in between the meetings will be involved and will participate in developing and testing materials. 


Activities in the meetings:

May 2022: Spain:   Presentation Student Activities


November 2022: The Netherlands: Presentation Student Activities

  • students will develop marketing actions social media                                          

  • students will execute assignments on environment

  • move forward with the content of the magazine

  • Student program Amsterdam

  • How to make a podcast


March 2023: Italy: 

  • Students will present their experiences in testing Learning material 

  • presentation of the final magazine

  • preparing multiplier event and market

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