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Communication and dissemination

The project Future skills for a better life in Sustainable Salons  combines the sustainable ideas through education and training with innovative ideas within the sector.


The educational products we want to generate during the process will include:

  • workshops on sustainability and innovation, teaching materials for schools and extracurricular education about sustainability in the 'sustainable' hair salon;

  • development of a profile of a hairdresser and its competences (sustainability, technology, entrepreneurship) in 2030;

  • a simplified low threshold system on sustainability/environment (label) for schools (salon);

  • self-assessment internet tools on competence level and measuring the gap on profile and future competences and the gap of the level towards the sustainability system;

  • specific learning material on sustainability/environment focussed on the sector and

  • awareness tools to use in VET and salons to use in communication with employees and clients on these subjects.


Communication and dissemination tools:


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