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Stivako, since 1941, has been the Vocational Education Training institute for management, marketing and leadership in the print media and creative industries in the Netherlands.
Stivako provides training in management, entrepreneurial education, marketing & sales and personal development.
We focus on those already working within a company and want to develop within it to a staff or member of the management within a company.
We also organize workshops and training in the various areas of business such as quality, health & safety, lean manufacturing, environment, CSR, FSC, sales & marketing, leadership, HRM-issues , finance etc.
Our courses are tailor-made to the various fields of knowledge within existing job profiles and companies in the print media and creative industries.

Stivako is the coördinator of this Erasmus plus project

El Palo

El Palo was opened in 1979 and currently serves over 800 students and has 62 teachers who are allocated among the following levels:  secondary school, baccalaureate, adult education and vocational training. We also offer different educational programs such as bilingualism, ICT, entrepeneurship, sports, profesional guidance and life counselling.

Although our center was founded more than 35 years ago,  the Vocational  Education and Training was introduced in
1998. Currently, our offer in VET studies are related with the Personal Image Sector:

  • two courses of Basic Professional Education in Hairdressing and Beautician,

  • two training courses of intermediate level in hairdressing and beautician  and

  • two advanced vocational training in Beautician and Personal Image Consulting (fashion, communication skills, protocol…)

In recent years, one aspect that identifies our center is the emphasis  given to learning languages and sustainability and exchanging educational experiences as essential tools for the modernization and internationalization of our community. As a result, in the last quinquennium our institution has been involved in several  foreign exchange programs such as Leonardo, Comenius and presently KA 102 and KA 103. We also have the Erasmus Charter and we are looking forward to obtain the Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter.

Our main goal is to facilitate our students the basic tools for a professional success and for a personal development within a global world.  Therefore, subjects like ICT, foreign languages, entrepreneurship and environmental conservation are cross curricular subjects in all levels from compulsary education to VET studies.

ROC van Amsterdam

In Dutch, ROCvA stands for 'Regional Community College of Amsterdam'. We are a foundation under Dutch law, initiated by the local and national government in 1997. We service Amsterdam and the nearby townships of Amstelveen, Hoofddorp and Hilversum. Like community colleges in other countries we focus on vocational education and training for students from the age of 12 and adults in our region.
We are one of the largest community colleges in Europe with approximately 35,000 students; 3,500 part-time and fulltime staff spread over roughly 60 locations. Our fulltime college-based route combines study with hands-on training in the workplace. The part-time option is a work based route - with part-time education and apprenticeship slotted together. The courses come in four levels (as defined by the Dutch Adult & Vocational Education Act and in line with European-SEDOC classification). Students at the highest level can go on to university/college equivalent studies.

The Hairdressers department is located in a new building in Amsterdam that was officially opened in September 2012. Our departments shares this location with several other departments among which: a beautician’s department, Sports, Art & Entertainment, Fashion and Lifestyle. Together they make up MBO College Zuid.


UBK/UCB, better known in the industry as, is the occupational federation for all Belgian hairdressers, and specifically for the 6256 employers in the hairdressing sector represented in the national Social Dialogue. Febelhair aims to improve the hairdressing profession both for everyone involved in the sector, and towards those outside of the sector, through awareness raising and promotion of the sector with our core values of respect, accessibility, transparency, professionalism, cooperation, inspiration, and support and passion for the hairdressing trade.
Asides from other activities, Febelhair focuses on the following to achieve its goals:
- training (artistic, technical, management, trends...)
- information and service (sharing knowhow, data and advise)
- events and competitions (artistic inspiration, sense of community, championships...)
- disseminating news of the sector
- support of hairdressing education
Febelhair aims to improve sustainability, entrepreneurship and digital skills of hairdressers through its partnership in Future skills for a better life in Sustainable Salons.

IES Num 1 Universidad Laboral de Málaga

"IES Universidad Laboral de Málaga is one of the largest Public Secondary and Vocational Training Educational Institutions in the Andalusia region, located in the capital of the Costa del Sol, a place with great potential, both for its fantastic climate and for its well-connected transportation level. Around 1,800 students study at this center, of which more than 300 are pursuing Higher Education. The center has almost 200 teachers, of which over 40 work in higher vocational studies. 8 cycles of higher degree are taken from 6 professional families. Therefore, the center offers a wide variety of training topics and resources (both human and material), so that students can train in different professions such as Higher Technician in: Landscaping and Rural Environment; Forest and Natural Environment Management; Administration and Finance; Manufacture of Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological and Related Products; Laboratory of Analysis and Quality Control; Communicative Mediation (sign language, autism, down's s. etc); Environmental Chemistry and Prevention of Professional Risks. We have private and public companies collaborating to carry out the training of our students in the workplace. 


In recent years, the center has a positive experience in Erasmus projects in the area of higher level professional training, and a high potential to continue expanding that international offer. We hope to create synergies and collaborating on this innovational project with partners community, to complete our learning by belonging to a network of exchange of enriching experiences, to improve the training and enthusiasm of our students, teachers and companies".  


CIOFS-FP Lombardia


IOFS-FP Lombardia is a VET institute, present on Italian regional territory of Lombardy with six accredited local institutes for vocational training and employment services, dislocated in four provinces: Milano, Monza e Brianza, Pavia and Varese.  

The coordination of the activities is supervised by the registered office at the Cinisello Balsamo Center, near Milano.

The association carries out professional training activities in the following sectors: hairdressing and wellness, catering and bars, bakery and pastry, sales and office work

In the training year 2019/20, above 1.000 students were enrolled in the triennial courses and above 300 students in the fourth year courses. Among these, 84 students are young people who have obtained the qualification or professional diploma through the first level apprenticeship. To these students are added the users of short-term training courses, relating to school building, job placement, external training for apprentices, continuous and permanent training for a total number of about 2.000 users and students.

The Association avails itself of the collaboration of about 100 employed teachers and 30 office employees.

Funding for the activities carried out in 2019/20 exceeded 6 million euros.

CIOFS FP Lombardia coordinates nationally with the CIOFS-FP Association which aims to support regional associations, present in 12 Italian regions, with an activity funded for over 40 million euros. The national coordination offers planning and development services in the field of active employment policies, participation in national and European networks and initiatives, experiments, multimedia didactic development, staff updating.

Richtpunt campus Oudenaarde

PIVA Oudenaarde was recently renamed and is called Richtpunt campus Oudenaarde nowadays. Our institute is part of the provincial schools of the province of East Flanders. The education we give is based upon pluralism, quality and affordability. Our school offers different opportunities to obtain a  certificate or diploma. We offer fulltime regular education, but also dual learning, where students have a combination of learning in school and in the hair salon.  After 6 years of secondary school, students can choose to do a year of specialization in barbering or styling and image. There’s also an opportunity to become a beautician within a full schoolyear. We have a team of specialists to educate our students for as well practical subjects having to do with hair and beauty, but also for general subjects. Our institute is surrounded by green environment and only a few minutes away from the city centre of Oudenaarde. We have a modern and innovative infrastructure where we try to integrate environmentally conscious thinking and acting. Due to the small scale of our school it is accessible and familial. We guarantee an inspiring and motivating, learning, living and working space for our students as well as for our teachers. Every day we search for their inner talents and stimulate and motivate them to adore their chosen profession. Our mission is to educate young people in order to become future hairdressers and beauticians with passion for hairdressing and care for beauty.

Coiffure EU (associated partner)

UBK/UCB also hosts the current Presidency and Secretariat of Coiffure EU. Coiffure EU is the European association of national employers’ organisations in hairdressing. Coiffure EU unites, joinstogether, protects and supports the hairdressing sector at the European level. With both knowledge and many years of experience rooted in the hairdressing sector, the members ofCoiffure EU aim, in both a transparent and professional way and as good colleagues, to have an advantageous impact on European policy in order to facilitate the hairdressing sector toexpand and strengthen its activities in a sustainable and economically favourable way. Coiffure EU consists of 18 members who are the most representative employers’ organisations in hairdressing of their respective country.As an associated partner, Coiffure EU will lend its assistance to the project by: - functioning as a sounding board for the project - disseminating project results - including its research and stakeholder networks- promoting the project within the European Social Dialogue for Personal Services, and among its members. 

Istituto Veneto per il Lavoro (IVL)

Istituto Veneto per il Lavoro IVL is Confartigianato del Veneto’s training Centre, the most important local association of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs that associates more than 55.000 craft businesses.

IVL aims to implement activities at local, national and international level, in order to facilitate the development and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises through projects and services in the fields of counselling, training and education.

IVL offers analysis of training and professional needs, design, coordination of projects, management assistance, monitoring and publishing of results, at regional level. 

The challenge is to support the craftsmanship, developing innovation, quality and management, enhancing its identity between history, culture and traditions.

Today IVL, both by itself and in partnership with other stakeholders, plays an important institutional role with regard to the economic and social activities, and in relation to planning and implementation of ongoing training.

Camera Italiana dell’Acconciatura  (CIA) (associated partner)

Camera Italiana dell’Acconciatura  (CIA) Italian Chamber of Hairstyle, www.  is a non-profit National body which groups together, the 2 Italian Associations of Hairdressers, Cosmetica Italia (National Association of Cosmetic Companies)  and has link with 2 Academy of Hairdresser (ANAM, , UAAMI,) grouped in INAI.


CIA has been promoted by National Associations of Hairdressing (CNA Benessere Sanità),

( ); Confartigianato Acconciatori

( ) and Cosmetica Italia.

The convergence of the three sectors in  CIA  represents a novelty in the panorama of hairdressing in Europe.


CIA ,by representing 80.000 enterprises of the hairdressers and cosmetic industry with 200.000 employees and 70 Vocational Centers, is the National single point where professionals, industry and training centers have a permanent exchange of knowledge with regard to the trends in the hairdressing sector, the training needs and the customers demand. 

The commitments of CIA in research activities, in the social dialogue at National and at European level, the relationship with the institutions the lasting contact with the enterprises allow CIA to be focused on innovative thinking and future based skills for hairdressing and sustainability.


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