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Results period 1

The project Sustainable salon (Future skills for a better life in Sustainable Salons) has started! 

On this page you can follow the ongoing process and all the presentations are published here.


Technical Work Conference Online

The project started with a Technical Work Conference on the 27 th of October in an online/offline setting, due to COVID 19, to prepare the delayed first meeting in Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands in January 2021.


Scope of the project

Kick-off Conference Online

The delayed first meeting should be organized in Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands in January 2021. This meeting is held in an online setting on the 1st and 2nd of February,


Introduction project/ introduction Stivako

Introduction project Administration and Finance

Introduction ROC Amsterdam

Introduction CIA

Introductie  CIOFS-FP Lombardia

Introduction Oudenaarde

Introduction  UBK (Febelhair) and

Introduction El Palo

Introduction Universidad Laboral de Málaga

Presentations workshops

Certification sustainable salon

Certification assigment

Developing a certification standard

Introduction General Societal Changes and Challnges – CEU

Skill profiles and 2030


Concept questionnaire

Creative Ideas on developing learning material

Definite Questionaire  status profiles, status material on entrepreneur skills.

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