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Results period 6

The project Sustainable salon (Future skills for a better life in Sustainable Salons) has different time-periods with activities. On this page you can follow the ongoing process and all the presentations are published here.


Train the Trainer course combined with a partner meeting

We combined the Train the Trainer course with a partner meeting during the 13th-15th of February  2023 to discuss the ongoing activities.


Train the Trainer program

During the training was the program of the teachers during the 3 days focussed on the following items:

         - Testlesson The Netherlands

         - Testlesson Italy

         - Testlesson Spain, see video.  Translation click here.

         - Testlesson Belgium: Kahoot click here!

  • Discussion of the lesson taught and other feedback of the teachers about the O4 Learning material

  • Preparing a creative report – e.g. a vlog or article with focus on impressions of the project in general and O4 in particular (to be published on the website, YouTube or magazine)

  • The teachers presenting the creative reports to the other participants/partners.

        - Newsarticle Italy

        - Video The Netherlands

       - Video Belgium

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